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About us

The idea of creating a guiding service arose from a childhood dream that the founder, Dominik had since he was very young. Nature lover, he spends practically all his seasons running in the mountains and admiring the rivers that surround him. Wildom was born after a summer as a fishing guide on the Bonaventure and a desire to promote the beautiful riches of the Gaspé.




Passionate about adventures, on the road to Gaspésie, Carolina and Dominik decided to create Wildom to support a community of humans who are passionate about their way of life and the riches of the territory by practicing their favorite sport.

It is an activity and a sport with technique which aims to deliver a fight with the king of the rivers. Practicing this fishing is also synonymous with respect for nature, knowledge of rivers and patience. Surrounded by mountains, navigating or walking in the river, the guide is there to reveal his deepest secrets and show you the techniques to tame your catch. Leaving with legendary fishing stories and memories, you'll get hooked on this practice.


Dominik Bujold

Fly fishing guide

Hunting guide


Steeve Bujold

Fly fishing guide

Initiated to hunting and fishing since he was young, he followed in his father's footsteps and practiced his techniques with ardor. His passion allowed him to make his dream come true and to become a guide to transmit his passion for nature and his knowledge. He spends all of his time running the mountains and being on the river to learn more.

A fisherman for over 30 years, Steeve is more than just a fishing enthusiast, he knows the tricks. Former owner of a fishing shop, he passed his passion for salmon fishing on to his sons and has been fortunate enough to go fishing in places few can go. Fishing for him is more than a passion, it's a family affair.

Our guide 


Fly fishing season 2023

Hunting season 2023

Open 7 / 7 days

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(581) 884-0206

Our partners

We are proud to support local and to have as adventure companions the following companies:

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