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Moose hunting has been a part of our daily life since childhood, as far as we can remember hunting was a topic of conversation as much during dinner discussions as it is about falling asleep. Salmon fishing is by far the biggest challenge for a fisherman as much as moose hunting is a challenge for the hunter, but like any hunt, it is also an art. It's not enough to just try to meet him, but to know his habits, to put himself in his shoes and to understand his history.


Hunting becomes over time much more than a simple activity, but a way of life and a passion. Everything takes place over approximately 1 month, but we are talking about a preparation of more than 3 months and even years. We are fortunate to be surrounded by an exceptional moose hunting territory that our guides know practically every corner. Come and discover it by practicing a sport hunt and let our guide guide you. You will meet incredible people.

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4 Days hunting

Type de chasse

     Bow/Cross Bow


     Black powder

The outings take place from dawn until the last rays of the sun. The other modalities will be communicated to you by the guide.

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The territory

Our territory is large, it includes the public land zone 01 in Gaspésie. Although some have prejudices, because it is not private land, let us show you this land, surrounded by mountains, rich in food and inhabited by the kings and queens of the mountains. We will reveal the deepest secrets to you and we will show you the techniques to track your catch. Leaving with legendary hunting stories, we have no doubt you'll want to come back.


"When you think you've put enough effort and patience ... put some more time and you will be rewarded! ''


Fly fishing season 2023

Hunting season 2023

Open 7 / 7 days

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(581) 884-0206

Our partners

We are proud to support local and to have as adventure companions the following companies:

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