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The territory

Being from the region, it was natural for Wildom Gaspésie Backcountry to practice on this territory. The Gaspé region alone includes 22 salmon rivers  and part of the Appalachian mountain range. A territory at the end of the world which is simply breathtaking!


We have at heart the quality of service, security, pleasure, and the environment. Our ethics include courtesy between participants and towards other practitioners, preparation, respect for fauna and flora. Minimizing the impact during trips and move on durable surfaces is important to Wildom Gaspesie Backcountry. We take a stand on the need to preserve the resources that surround us as well as on social ethics.


It is an activity and a sport with technique which aims to deliver a fight with the king of the rivers. Practicing this fishing is also synonymous with respect for nature, knowledge of rivers and patience. Surrounded by mountains, sailing or walking in the river, the guide is there to reveal his deepest secrets to you and show you the techniques to tame your catch. Leaving with legendary fishing stories and memories, you'll get hooked on this way of life.


Matapedia River

The name Matapedia comes from the Mi'kmaq word "Matapediag" which means "junction of rivers" where the Matapedia and Restigouche rivers meet, they are two magnificent salmon rivers most coveted by fans of salmon fishing. Accessible by route 132 located in the Matapedia Valley, you will find the valley in all its splendor offering a spectacular panoramic view recognized worldwide as the capital of salmon.

Restigouche River

Who has never heard of the Restigouche River! This exceptional river recognized worldwide for its giants is a natural border between Quebec and New Brunswick. Over 15,000 Atlantic salmon come up the river every year to spawn, a dream come true for all fly fishing enthusiasts.

Bonaventure River

The Bonaventure River, known for its crystal clear waters, is the ideal place for sight fishing. The water is so clear that it allows you to see salmon up to 20 feet deep. Their presence will not leave you indifferent and will give you one more challenge. Stretched over approximately 65 kilometers open to fishing, there is something for everyone.

Petite Cascapedia River

The Petite Cascapedia River owes its reputation to the size of its large salmon. It is with a view and a spectacular setting overlooking the mountains in the heart of the Gaspé that you will have the chance to practice fly fishing. It has 60 pits to its credit and is characterized by its cold and transparent water, which will allow you to admire them while fishing. Some pits are only accessible by boat.


Our territory is large, it includes the public sector zone 1 in Gaspésie. Although some have prejudices, because it is not private land, let us show you this territory, surrounded by mountains, rich in food and inhabited by the kings and queens of the mountains. We'll let you in on the deepest secrets and show you the techniques to approve your catch. Leaving with legendary hunting stories, we have no doubt that you will return.

Champs de Mars


Altitude : 715m

Snow hills


2022 fishing season ended

2022 hunting season ended

See you next year!

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