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Fishing for salmon is by far the biggest challenge a fisherman can face in Canadian rivers. Some do it for combat and others for connection with nature. The simple fact of being outside and thinking of nothing more than to throw your next cast, provides an indescribable well-being. The fishermen often say that salmon is the 1000 cast fish. A sense of accomplishment will be felt and you will develop an addiction.

Fly fishing over time becomes much more than a simple activity, but a way of life and a passion. Come and enjoy discovering the salmon paradise in a majestic setting that the rivers of the Gaspé bring to you. Come and meet the king of the rivers.


Book your fishing trip

The fishing day takes place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on our magnificent rivers. The other modalities will be communicated to you by the guide.

To consult the openings of the rivers, go to Saumon Québec for more information,Click here


We do not offer accommodation, however if you ever do not have accommodation for your stay, we have a list of contacts who offer accommodation, simply let us know and we will put you in touch.

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Matapedia River

The name Matapedia comes from the Micmac word “Matapediag” which means “junction of rivers” where the Matapedia and Restigouche rivers meet.


Restigouche River

Recognized worldwide for its giants is a border between Quebec and New Brunswick, more than 13,000 Atlantic salmon go up the river to spawn.


Bonaventure River

The Bonaventure River, known for its crystal clear waters, is the ideal place for sight fishing. The water is so clear that you can see salmon up to 20 feet deep.


Petite Cascapedia River

It has 60 pools to its name and is characterized by its cold and transparent water, which will allow you to admire them while fishing.


Grand Cascapedia River

Gesgapégiag”, the great river. This is what the Micmacs called it. This best-kept secret has its source at Lake Cascapedia in the Chic-Chocs.

Choose your river

The territory


With the high demand, we decided to set up an equipment rental service on the road. You do not need to have booked with us to benefit from this service. First come, first served !

Like last year, we are on the river route on the south side of Gaspésie. Here are the prices and how it works:



Waders + boots + rods

*Flies are not included


fly rod

*Waders, boots and flies are not included


Waders + boots

*Rod and flies are not included.

A deposit of $200 is requested when renting and payment is made in cash since we are on the road.

To reserve, please contact us by email: or by phone at 581-884-0206. We will let you know our locations and the details for taking possession  equipment. Rest assured we will be close to a river and access will be easy. ! 


Fly fishing season 2023

Hunting season 2023

Open 7 / 7 days

Contact us

(581) 884-0206

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