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Guide service that meets your expectations

Looking for sensations whether in the mountains or with your feet in the water, are you looking for a guide to help you discover the secrets of the Gaspé? With Wildom Gaspésie Backcountry you live an extraordinary experience in the most beautiful area of Eastern Quebec.

Why a guide?

Interpretation, knowledge and experience are qualities and tools that guides have , they are much more than just people showing you moose or the salmon in the pools. They focus on details, assume scenarios and above all make you experience unique moments.



Natural territory... 

The guide ensures that it is respected as well as its preservation. He also puts forward the behavior to have with everything around us during outings.

Vue aérienne des îles

Your best friend 

He makes sure you dont forget anything...

He makes that you have not forgotten to drink water, that you are dressed enough before leaving and give you advice for the outing

 Guided outings


Fly fishing

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Whether with a dry fly or a wet, this type of fishing brings a lot of techniques and challenges for the fisherman. Enjoy these moments on crystal clear waters that will make you  fight with Atlantic salmon. Our guide will help you discover them and pass on his passion for fly fishing.

Try the experience of sports hunting, walking true mountains, crossing rivers to get as close as possible to the moose of your dream. The guide will explain how to track and understand habits of the beast

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Moose hunting

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Fly fishing season 2023

Hunting season 2023 

Open 7 / 7 days

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